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B Team Weston vs Highover away


It was our 2nd match of the season we were the away team again. We played against year 5 and 6’s. It was a tough game and we worked our socks off. We had a different team line up this week. Miles, Daniel and Tom were changed for Kristian and Will.


Lewis started in goal with George and Will in defence, Callum, Harley and Riley in midfield with big Charlie up front. Kristian was our substitute and was also in defence.


We were 2-0 down at halftime and so we had to get a goal early in the second half. Riley got two goals to get us back into the game. At 2-2 Lewis swapped his goalkeeper gloves with Will to see if he could help upfront with Charlie and get some goals, but then they scored two more goals through some good skill and they looked less tired than us. The final score was 4-2 to them.


Thank you again Mr Wiley, you’re such a great coach.


By Callum M and George J



Weston vs Samuel Lucas

It was our first game and we were away to Samuel Lucas School. We were playing really well but at half time we were 2-0 down. Mr Wiley said to us go and enjoy your selves in the second half. We played very well and a good comeback from 2 – 0 down to 2 – 3 up in the second half. Miles worked his socks off and got to nearly every tackle that came his way. Harley and George stepped up and went in defence and ran up and down the wings and got their heads up and made some good passes to feet. Lewis and Riley did some really good saves and on pitch Lewis nearly got a goal but the keeper made a good save. Riley got a goal and so did Charlie and Callum who were our 3 goal scorers. Tom and Daniel stuck to their roles really well, found some good passes and got stuck in. Callum put all of the corners he took into use and Charlie received most of them. Charlie got some good headers and interceptions successfully and played really well. Congrats to Miles for receiving man of match, he deserved it. It was a tough game, they were a good side but we fought for the win. We didn’t give up. We used perseverance and what a result, we won 3-2. The first match of the season, we did superbly well. We as a team need to try and get our heads up quicker as we missed some golden opportunities. We need to stop holding the ball at our feet for too long as they will tackle us which happened sometimes in the game. Keep it up in training every week!


A huge thank you to our Manager Mr Wylie, we couldn’t have done it without you.


Callum - Captain



Weston 1-2 Our Lady


This chilly Monday afternoon, both our A and B teams welcomed Our

Lady school, at home to our school`s football field, for the second league

match of the season.


The game got off to a shaky start, with Our Lady constantly attacking our

goal. However, thanks to fantastic defending by Nathan, Dan, Teddy and

Felix we did not concede, to a team that some regard, as possibly the best

team in the league.


One of their players took a shot at Felix which he saved. They then

immediately took a 2nd shot which was brilliantly cleared off the line by Ramsey and then a 3rd which incredibly he cleared the ball yet once

again, & all of this in the space of 5 seconds! Felix took a drop kick

meaning to fall to the feet of Max, but luckily it bounced and an

Our Lady defender accidentally poked it into his own net! It was

1-0 to Weston.


During Half time, it was the B teams turn to play their game. Unfortunately,

the B teams first half ended 0-2 to Our Lady. At full time the game

finished with a 0-3 loss for the B team. The A team then returned

back to the field, for the 2nd half, hoping to inflict our revenge & more damage on Our Lady. Even with the frighteningly quick

feet of Rio, Morgan and Teddy making lots of chances and runs, as in our

last game, unluckily it didn’t pay off this time in our attacking play.


A really impressive run from the opposition resulted in a shot, almost

unreachable for Felix & sadly a goal, it was 1-1. The game battled on &

just when we thought we could hold on to a hard fought draw, with only 30

dragging seconds left, from the half way line, a cruel dipping shot made

its way under Felix & into the net!


Even though we finished the day absolutely gutted, there is a lot to learn from this match & we will definitely be stronger next time.


Man of the Match: Daniel. His brave defensive play today was amazing, never once shying away from a tackle.




Manager:                     Captain:                  Written by:

Mr Wylie                      Max Dowie              Max Dowie




Purwell 3 Weston 5


Max Dowie, Morgan Phillips, Nathan Marlow, Daniel Braendle, Rio Dhadra, Ramsey Ludbrook, Ted Hubner and Felix Sayer were the lads who travelled to Purwell with Mr Wylie and our new football kits on this wet and windy, Wednesday afternoon.


The game got off to a flying start with Max scoring the first goal within the first minute. This was followed by Morgan hammering home number 2 for Weston. However, Purwell were now beginning to find their feet scoring a goal, which proved unreachable for Felix in goal.


Just before half time, there was a scramble in the Purwell box, which resulted in Max taking a shot on goal which deflected into the Purwell net, making it 1-3 to Weston at half time.




The second half started with fantastic runs by the lighting feet of Rio and Teddy down the wings. Nathan and Dan were solid in defence, foiling Purwell`s attacks time & time again.


Ramsey`s passing helped to make numerous opportunities and Felix the goalkeeper was incredible in protecting Weston`s goal.


After all this hard work, it finally paid off again, with Morgan smashing home his second of the game, making it 1-4 and looking like a certain win for Weston.


However, Purwell started to really fight back, scoring another 2 goals in the final few minutes, making it a now nervous 3-4 with only 2 minutes to go.


Max then took a cracking pass on the left wing, dribbled it into the box and hit it with his left foot. The ball went to the right of the keeper and ended precisely in the far corner of the net, it was now 3-5.


The whistle blew and we had won our first league game of the season !


Man of the match:

Teddy Hubner, for great team work and clever foot work on the ball.


Manager:                  Captain:                   Written by:

Mr Wylie                    Max Dowie               Max Dowie



Weston v Mary Exton A&B


As the whistle blew, Mary Exton’s captain rolled the ball to their striker.  Mary Exton’s captain ran through the Weston defence and buried the ball in the goal.  After that tremendous goal Weston was determined to score their own. Well done Toby Carley.   Mary Exton went on to score another goal …. The whistle blew 1-2.


As Weston’s B team courageously ran onto the home ground; moments in to the game Max Dowie whipped the ball into the Mary Exton box, then Nasser Khan headed the ball onto the bar then smashed the ball into the back of the goal and Kodie added another splendid goal.  What a brilliant day for Weston.   3-0

Alex Heather & Alfie Hubner


Small Schools Tournament


Once the whole team of Weston arrived we decided to warm up.  After that we lined up on the pitch.  We soon played our first match winning 3-0.  Then won the next game 2-0 and drew the last game 1-1.  We were the overall winners winning by 1 goal on goal difference.  Overall a great win and well done Weston boys.


Weston V Oughton Primary School


A convincing win for the Ateam lads! With the game finishing early at 9-0 to Weston Primary School.  Well done.  The goals from Charlie Petre 2, Toby Carley 3, Morgan Phillips 4 and a great game from all the boys; a nice game for Mr Davies to leave on.  Overall a great win for the team. 


By Charlie Petre & Toby Carley