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Parent/School Communication

As a school, our key priority will always be to help your children make the maximum possible progress in all aspects of their learning. As the school’s vision and values state, this is best achieved when we are ‘working as a team with close links to the rest of the community’. Therefore it is crucial that school and parents/carers work together; for this to be possible, we need clear communication.


The school has reviewed all of its communications with parents and carers; this involved consultation with a number of parents and also school governors. Unsurprisingly this review concluded that different pieces and types of information are best communicated in different ways (for example short messages can be sent as texts, but the software used in school limits the number of characters, so longer messages have to be emailed). Our review of communications identified some improvements that we could make, and these have all been incorporated in the Communication Summary booklet, available by clicking below.