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Dear children/parents/carers,

As we come to the end of our second week, I hope you are all continuing to be healthy and staying safe with your wonderful families.  We are all missing you terribly in school and I know, from some phone calls I have made today, some of you are missing us too!

As a way of staying in touch and for a bit of fun, I propose that children take a photo of themselves reading, (to a sibling, to a pet, in a peculiar place at home), with the #readondaysyoueat signage displayed. (Mr Holmes reading mantra!)


Please then email them to the school on: giving us permission to upload them to the school website so everyone can see one another.

You may also wish to email any other home learning you are particularly proud of.

The class pages are being updated periodically so please keep an eye on all new learning posted (PSHE from Mrs Murray and updated class ideas). I am also putting whole school ideas in the news page: EG shadow drawing/30-day Lego challenge.

Take good care, best wishes,

Mrs Gooderson


Here is one I prepared earlier: