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Football Club News

Weston v Mary Exton A&B


As the whistle blew, Mary Exton’s captain rolled the ball to their striker.  Mary Exton’s captain ran through the Weston defence and buried the ball in the goal.  After that tremendous goal Weston was determined to score their own. Well done Toby Carley.   Mary Exton went on to score another goal …. The whistle blew 1-2.


As Weston’s B team courageously ran onto the home ground; moments in to the game Max Dowie whipped the ball into the Mary Exton box, then Nasser Khan headed the ball onto the bar then smashed the ball into the back of the goal and Kodie added another splendid goal.  What a brilliant day for Weston.   3-0

Alex Heather & Alfie Hubner


Small Schools Tournament


Once the whole team of Weston arrived we decided to warm up.  After that we lined up on the pitch.  We soon played our first match winning 3-0.  Then won the next game 2-0 and drew the last game 1-1.  We were the overall winners winning by 1 goal on goal difference.  Overall a great win and well done Weston boys.


Weston V Oughton Primary School


A convincing win for the Ateam lads! With the game finishing early at 9-0 to Weston Primary School.  Well done.  The goals from Charlie Petre 2, Toby Carley 3, Morgan Phillips 4 and a great game from all the boys; a nice game for Mr Davies to leave on.  Overall a great win for the team. 


By Charlie Petre & Toby Carley